Achieving Fairness in Medical Devices

Medical devices can be biased across multiple axes, including the physics of light. How can we rethink the engineering of medical devices using Pareto principles?

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Diverse RPPG: Camera-based Heart Rate Estimation for Diverse Subject Skin Tones and Scenes

Novel algorithm to mitigate skin tone bias in remote heart rate estimation, for improved performance on our diverse, telemedicine oriented VITAL dataset.

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Deep Shape from Polarization

This paper makes a first attempt to re-examine the shape from polarization (SfP) problem using physics-based deep learning.

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Blending Physics with Artificial Intelligence

Overview of convergence of physics and AI for imaging and vision and the path ahead.

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Polarized Non-Line-of-Sight Imaging

Novel incorporation of polarization cues towards non-line-of-sight imaging.

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Visual Physics Tutorial

The CVPR 2020 Tutorial on Visual Physics with Katerina Fragkiadaki, Laura Waller, Bill Freeman, and Ayan Chakrabarti.

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Visual Physics: Discovering Physical Laws from Videos

A novel pipeline that enables discovery of underlying parameters and equations from videos of physical phenomena.

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Blending Diverse Physical Priors with Neural Networks

Generalizing Physics-Based Learning (PBL), by making the first attempt to bring neural architecture search (NAS) to the realm of PBL.

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Thermal Non-Line of Sight Imaging | ICCP 2019

A novel non-line of sight imaging framework with long-wave infared.

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Publications Prior to 2019

Please follow this link to visit publications prior to 2019.

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